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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time sure has flown

Back from Sturgis. We had a wonderful adventure... and one of the best road trips ever. Met so many people, talked to so many bikers, and other travelers.

Interviewed Sonny Barger at the Hell's Angels clubhouse in Sturgis. The meeting was very pleasant and he was very gracious, answering questions from a sheet of questions I had prepared. I also got a chance to talk with the Sin City club president, PeeWee. All in all, it was a very rewarding chat. My thanks to both men, Sonny's wife, Zee, and Sonny's lawyer, Amy.

In keeping with Biker interviews, by total accident I interviewed a top Bandido president out of Las Vegas, Guido. We shared a breakfast table in the motel David and I were staying at. Thanks, Guido. Another very pleasant encounter that netted me more very valuable insights into the life of those who live and die by their allegiance to a motorcycle club.

I will share just a bit about the interview with Sonny Barger -- I know the one thing he regrets in his life: smoking. Other than that, he is a very content man.

Martha's Vine is going through a final formatting revision and proofing. I had to have a physical copy in my hands to ensure that the book looked professional. We had a few issues like right-hand justification; should be fixed now. I hope so. It takes a great deal out of me to hit another learning curve.

Busy week ahead.

Cheers everyone.

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