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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Martha's Vine 3rd Book Signing is Another Success

So, off we went into a very cold Saturday to West Edmonton Mall. Had a date in the Chapters store for a book signing. I am so lucky to have the support crew that comes out to help me...Wonda, Jason, Kevin, Ashley, Marilyn, Sylvia, and my husband, David. I just couldn't do it without them...they are terrific and have my undying gratitude.

Met lots of new readers, some of which have already indicated how much they love Martha's Vine

At the beginning of the signing, Ken Davis with CKUA radio showed up and interviewed me in the store. Very pleasant fellow with excellent questions. To hear the interview, listen to it next Sunday (12:30 MST) on CKUA Radio. Here is Ken's blog.

Here is a link to the radio site and Bookmark show.

What's up next? I have heavy editing to finish on the first 3 chapters since the "Coming Out" party is scheduled for Wednesday night at West Edmonton a meeting room at the Ice Palace. 7-8:30 PM. I will be reading the Prologue and the 1st three chapters aloud.

Might post a video to YouTube...not sure yet.

Blessings to all my friends...may you have a wonderful holiday Monday.

Cold and lonely...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Next book signing date set - Tomorrow at WEM Chapters

Hi all,

Heavy teaching week...and I find it takes a lot out of me. Haven't written a word on Martha's Vine, and I am itching to get back at it...and begin those edits. We have edited the first book for minor edits, and resubmitted, and I have a new 2nd edition now. So, all the 1st editions are collectibles.

The book signing is on at the Mall tomorrow...Chapters. I have met with George who manages book consignments and signings. Sounds like they are looking forward to seeing me and my peeps (I am so very lucky to have the support of awesome friends and family).

Ken Davis, with CKUA Radio will be there, too. He is interviewing me as  feature for his show that will run February 27th.

Do you know that I write poetry? Just thought I'd ask. Poetry keeps me sane. I love words, and I love putting words into incongruent  patterns, that make no sense, but make much sense.

Sending you all my warmest blessings for a weekend filled with joy and rest,

The Silver Skate festival is on this weekend in Edmonton. It's always so cold, but the skies are always so blue, and the snow is always so white.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Drumheller, the city of we come!

Why am I going to Drumheller, you ask? Of maybe you don't ask. Drumheller is featured in Martha's Vine 2; it is a very important city in the overall scheme of Martha's world. But that's all I'll tell you, except that it meant a lot to The Man, too.

Since finishing the first draft, I have slowed down just a tad. Went shooting out at Elk Island Park today with a friend of mine. Great guy named, Jason. He is very much in tune with Matthew; he's a self-starter, independent, organized, and a very nice fellow. And he has this great acreage near the park...and two huge dogs. Very friendly dogs. We took a trip into the park where we found a nice collection of songbirds..and then a whole herd of bison.

Tomorrow, David and I make an early start with one of our grandsons. I think we are in for a fun day. Nothing like road trip and research. With a camera, of course.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs and love to all my friends,

Bison in Elk Island Park

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The last word of the last does it feel?

Martha's Vine: Book II is born.

I have made my goal, my friends. I have made it.

Not more than a a few minutes ago, I penned the last words of the last chapter in Martha's Vine: Book II. I have known what the last words would be for a few days. I usually know the last words of a story long before I have written the body, but these words surprised me. Why?

Because I have seen these last words before.

Please celebrate with me. A new Martha's Vine exists. And I think you will love the triumphs and the despair that Martha and the people in her world must face in this new novel.

The print edition will come out in early summer, but for now the real work begins...the editing of every niggling detail, every single word.

But not the last words.

Those words need no editing.


Can we talk this over? (Brad to Martha) LOL  No, those are definitely NOT the last words in the book.

An impromptu side trip to a night rodeo in Cody, Wyoming...netted this shot.

Monday, February 7, 2011

How can a fictional character take such a hold on one's heart?

I just read Chapter 35 out loud to David. We both sat here blubbering like a couple of babies. The story and the characters surprised me with a wild turn...and sacrificed one of my most beloved characters. How can a person that is real only in my imagination, command such grief?

One more chapter to go...the epilogue, and the prologue...and the first draft of my second novel is complete. I can barely wrap my mind around "second" novel. Who'd a thought it? I certainly didn't. But it's real...and I think you, my dear reader, are going to love this sequel.

Now, I must gear up for another book signing and the "Coming Out" party. I might even give a tiny hint as to how the book progresses. And then again, I might not.

I feel a little drained now...and I have a chapter to write tomorrow. It'll be hard to do, because everything inside me does not want me to finish the story...because it'll mean I must leave Martha's world. I am not sure my heart can handle that.


I wanted a lonely picture to go with this entry...this is near "Old Faithful" in Yellowstone National Park.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Logistical Errors and Roadblocks -- A Typical Day of Writing

Oh sigh, I was in such a fix hard to get my 3000 words down, not because I ran out of words, but because I made a little error in reading a map, and directions matter in a story, especially a story set in a real province, with real roads. I don't mind fudging some things, but big highways had better be running through the right towns.

The story has taken the characters into the Drumheller area, this is our city of dinosaurs. It houses the largest steel dinosaur in the world, and the famous Royal Tyrrell museum. Great place...wonderful hot weather destination.

Anyway, I got lost and could not figure out how to get the characters where they needed to be, at the right time. I finally figured it out. Only took me 12 hours.

Taking the day off tomorrow...need a little outdoor time. And my shutter finger needs a little limbering up, so off I will go. Sorry I missed out on today's mild temps.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Here is a great shot taken of me, my husband, and 3 of my oldest Sylvia Labelle -- thanks, Sylvia.)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

YES, I want to attend the "Coming Out" party for Book TWO

I am totally amazed at how well this 2nd book is coming along. I've said it before...that this book feels more like me...less frenetic...more structured. Today, I completed chapter 32. I can't tell you how many more chapters there are to go...the characters just keep them coming, but I do know, the book is nearing the end. I hope it doesn't go past 40 chapters, because there is so much editing to do. Very fatiguing.

I want to turn over a bit of space here to a brand new reader...who has become a friend. She received Martha's Vine on Monday, and posted her review on Amazon today. She was hooked.

"Now that I devoured Martha's Vine I am at a loss till Martha's Vine 2 comes out.
The Vine's characters took on such life in all their attributes, personally becoming a part of me I'm not prepared to move on from. I saw their world, I walked in their shoes, I lived their experiences through every page - all put together quite thoroughly and quite apt if our world were to become Martha's.
Immersed is what describes my time with Sheree's creation!"

Thanks, Laurie!

For those of you in the Edmonton area, please tell your friends about the Coming Out party happening on the 23rd of this month.


A flashback to many, many years ago...guess how old I was...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And speaking of giving birth--it's a BOY! February, 1, 1973

Baby boy Zielke

Thirty-eight years ago, I was alone, I was pregnant, and I was overdue. I had a weird doctor who thought that because I was pregnant, I couldn't attend highschool. I told him in no uncertain terms where to shove his advice. I was finishing Grade 12, and I had only 7 months to do it.

This same doctor was not into Mother Nature doing her own thing, in her own time. So, at 11:30 at night, I was told (against my legal rights and without any signing authority -- I was underage, so they made me a fast ward of the court), that I was too long overdue and that I was going to have an emergency C-section. I already hated doctors--he cemented the deal. 

In those days, unwed pregnant mothers, with plans to give their babies up for adoption, were kept away from their children. So, I lay in bed recovering from been ripped open against my will, and wondered what happened to my baby.

A tiny British nurse came in one day; she could see I had been crying. She listened to my story, and then she said, "We'll do something about that. You want to see your baby? Let's go." This was 8 days after the birth of my son.

I remember how tiny she was, because she had to help me out of the bed. And I could barely help myself. She took me to the nursery, we walked inside, and she pointed out a baby to me. "That's your baby," she said. "Do you want to hold him?" I had no idea what to do. I had no idea how to feel. "I said, NO."

I also said, NO," to the social worker pushing the adoption papers at me, along with the pressure to sign quickly because the parents were waiting.

I kept my son against all odds. And, today, I had lunch with him.

He's a great kid--a man, now. And I am so proud of him.  He is strong in the Lord, he cares for others weaker than himself, and he is a hard-worker. He throws lumber every day, even in sub-zero temperatures.

Happy birthday, Ryan. May we share many more birthday lunches together.

Love, Mom

PS Didn't write a single word on the Vine today, but did meet with the bookstore manager at West Edmonton Mall, where I will be signing books on the 19th of this month.

Ryan shows off his birthday "cake":

The "apple bird" served on birthdays: