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Friday, February 18, 2011

Next book signing date set - Tomorrow at WEM Chapters

Hi all,

Heavy teaching week...and I find it takes a lot out of me. Haven't written a word on Martha's Vine, and I am itching to get back at it...and begin those edits. We have edited the first book for minor edits, and resubmitted, and I have a new 2nd edition now. So, all the 1st editions are collectibles.

The book signing is on at the Mall tomorrow...Chapters. I have met with George who manages book consignments and signings. Sounds like they are looking forward to seeing me and my peeps (I am so very lucky to have the support of awesome friends and family).

Ken Davis, with CKUA Radio will be there, too. He is interviewing me as  feature for his show that will run February 27th.

Do you know that I write poetry? Just thought I'd ask. Poetry keeps me sane. I love words, and I love putting words into incongruent  patterns, that make no sense, but make much sense.

Sending you all my warmest blessings for a weekend filled with joy and rest,

The Silver Skate festival is on this weekend in Edmonton. It's always so cold, but the skies are always so blue, and the snow is always so white.


  1. Collectible is right, even if a 2nd edition wasn't coming out!

  2. It all makes sense to me, Sheree. Grin.


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