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Friday, February 4, 2011

Logistical Errors and Roadblocks -- A Typical Day of Writing

Oh sigh, I was in such a fix hard to get my 3000 words down, not because I ran out of words, but because I made a little error in reading a map, and directions matter in a story, especially a story set in a real province, with real roads. I don't mind fudging some things, but big highways had better be running through the right towns.

The story has taken the characters into the Drumheller area, this is our city of dinosaurs. It houses the largest steel dinosaur in the world, and the famous Royal Tyrrell museum. Great place...wonderful hot weather destination.

Anyway, I got lost and could not figure out how to get the characters where they needed to be, at the right time. I finally figured it out. Only took me 12 hours.

Taking the day off tomorrow...need a little outdoor time. And my shutter finger needs a little limbering up, so off I will go. Sorry I missed out on today's mild temps.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Here is a great shot taken of me, my husband, and 3 of my oldest Sylvia Labelle -- thanks, Sylvia.)


  1. love that shot, the expressions are priceless and it was a fun day and had a great time getting to know your grandkids

  2. Good food, great kids.

  3. A wonderful moment! Hats off to Sylvia! Enjoy your break, Sheree.


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