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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The last word of the last does it feel?

Martha's Vine: Book II is born.

I have made my goal, my friends. I have made it.

Not more than a a few minutes ago, I penned the last words of the last chapter in Martha's Vine: Book II. I have known what the last words would be for a few days. I usually know the last words of a story long before I have written the body, but these words surprised me. Why?

Because I have seen these last words before.

Please celebrate with me. A new Martha's Vine exists. And I think you will love the triumphs and the despair that Martha and the people in her world must face in this new novel.

The print edition will come out in early summer, but for now the real work begins...the editing of every niggling detail, every single word.

But not the last words.

Those words need no editing.


Can we talk this over? (Brad to Martha) LOL  No, those are definitely NOT the last words in the book.

An impromptu side trip to a night rodeo in Cody, Wyoming...netted this shot.


  1. Hi, Sheree!!! Wanted to leave you a hearty and heartfelt "woo-hoo" here, too!

    "...the editing of every niggling detail, ever single word."

    "Ever" should be "every." Grin.

  2. woo-hoo, congrats on finishing your second book.

  3. Congratulations...Now for more hard work....the editing of every niggling detail! Well done Girl!

  4. What a journey you've been on! A real roller coaster. It is a splendid book. Splendid! Great work, Sheree.


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