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Thursday, February 3, 2011

YES, I want to attend the "Coming Out" party for Book TWO

I am totally amazed at how well this 2nd book is coming along. I've said it before...that this book feels more like me...less frenetic...more structured. Today, I completed chapter 32. I can't tell you how many more chapters there are to go...the characters just keep them coming, but I do know, the book is nearing the end. I hope it doesn't go past 40 chapters, because there is so much editing to do. Very fatiguing.

I want to turn over a bit of space here to a brand new reader...who has become a friend. She received Martha's Vine on Monday, and posted her review on Amazon today. She was hooked.

"Now that I devoured Martha's Vine I am at a loss till Martha's Vine 2 comes out.
The Vine's characters took on such life in all their attributes, personally becoming a part of me I'm not prepared to move on from. I saw their world, I walked in their shoes, I lived their experiences through every page - all put together quite thoroughly and quite apt if our world were to become Martha's.
Immersed is what describes my time with Sheree's creation!"

Thanks, Laurie!

For those of you in the Edmonton area, please tell your friends about the Coming Out party happening on the 23rd of this month.


A flashback to many, many years ago...guess how old I was...


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