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Friday, February 11, 2011

Drumheller, the city of we come!

Why am I going to Drumheller, you ask? Of maybe you don't ask. Drumheller is featured in Martha's Vine 2; it is a very important city in the overall scheme of Martha's world. But that's all I'll tell you, except that it meant a lot to The Man, too.

Since finishing the first draft, I have slowed down just a tad. Went shooting out at Elk Island Park today with a friend of mine. Great guy named, Jason. He is very much in tune with Matthew; he's a self-starter, independent, organized, and a very nice fellow. And he has this great acreage near the park...and two huge dogs. Very friendly dogs. We took a trip into the park where we found a nice collection of songbirds..and then a whole herd of bison.

Tomorrow, David and I make an early start with one of our grandsons. I think we are in for a fun day. Nothing like road trip and research. With a camera, of course.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs and love to all my friends,

Bison in Elk Island Park


  1. Great capture, Sheree! Looks almost as if the bison are levitating.

  2. Thanks for posting this, great to get a glimpse into your day.


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