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Alberta is the setting for Martha's Vine

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hey, Oprah... Martha's Vine! It's the year's hottest new read!

Okay, I couldn't wait for you guys to do it... but you can do it, too. I am providing the link. If you think Martha's Vine is worth telling Oprah about, then please tell her. Here is my letter:

Martha's Vine: Climbing the Amazon charts jumping 100s of thousands of positions within hours.

Ex-Manitoba farm girl interviews top Hell's Angels member, Sonny Barger; It's research for her 2nd novel -- a follow-up to Martha's Vine


From teen runaway... to rock and roll reporter... to crime reporter... to photographer... and now novelist. Sheree Zielke is an ex-farm girl from Beausejour, Manitoba. She ran away at 15 and never returned; she is now 55.

In that time, she became a crime reporter, a rock and roll interviewer, an award-winning photographer, and finally, a novelist. Her first book, Martha's Vine, an action/adventure thriller set in Alberta, was just released on Amazon. Its initial release as a Kindle book resulted in great sales... and stellar reviews.

Sheree has plans for a follow-up book to Martha's Vine and spent several days in Sturgis, SD, researching bikers, bike clubs, and club members like the infamous Sonny Barger, the man the Hell's Angels call, "Chief."

Martha's Vine is story aimed at the middle-aged reader, both women and men, with a middle-aged heroine who is forced to fight the odds in a post-apocalyptic world where murderous bikers attempt to rule. But Martha stands in their way.

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