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Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Cover for Martha's Vine: Book II is done!

The cover for Martha's Vine: Book II is now designed. Fred SanFilipo, who designed the cover of the first novel, has once more worked his artistic and photographic magic. Just wait till you see it. Even more stunning than the first cover. And this's a woman.

Fred never ceases to amaze me. He and I have worked on two projects before, and I am still flabbergasted at his ability to visually interpret my written words.

Thank you, Fred!

Both the title and the cover will be revealed in May.

I am still hard at editing the 2nd draft of the sequel. My endless thanks to David, Susan, and Rob for their tireless edits and constant support as I slog through the hardest of all the drafts.

I am off to adjudicate an Arts Festival in Hinton and Edson next week. And then David and I are off to the royal wedding in London.


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  1. Sheree created a wonderful character, and Fred's depiction of that character is sheer perfection. Bravo.

  2. Way too needy of MV2 now.


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