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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Osprey with fresh catch

So good to get back to photography. Caught this osprey in action while on a break from my duties as adjudicator in the Yellowhead Rotary Arts Festival 2012.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sheree with her novels: Martha's Vine & Martha's Mirror

Photo by Max Tuta Noronha taken in New York City January 2012.

I was in New York in search of an agent. I managed to get 4 interested in my work.

And now, the real work begins on a 3rd novel.


Via Flickr:

Here is her own link....

Generally I do not post people pictures in my stream, but this one I had to do it.
This is my friend Sheree, from Flickr.
I've had the pleasure of meeting her and David her husband this week, and we had a whole day to talk, laugh and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
Here she's holding her two babies, with the Manhattan Skyline behind.
When she was a child she had this same vision, like deja vue, and I think that it was a great experience for her.
You can purchase her books at and I highly recomend you to read it, it's in the Max Tuta's book club recomendations.
Of course, mine is autographed and if you want to pay me 10 times more than you'll pay at, we can probably arrange some sort of deal, but if you buy 10 or 20 and give to your friends as next year Xmas gift in February where in the northern hemisphere is driry and cold, it will be much appreciated, people can stay cozy inside of their homes, with the fireplace working it's magic, sipping a glass of Cabernet, or maybe better yet a Shiraz and life will be just wonderful, grandious...

Now, here is the problem, there is only 1043 left, so horry up and order it now, because the third one will be a bit more expensive, she'll need to pay her agent, her publisher and some other people like the printing house, the guy that works the printing machine, the guy that bounds the book, and you got the ideia....
Horry up, would you, than we can read and talk about her books and we can open and have "The Sherree Zielke fa club.

Now, her husband David is very cool, knows a lot about music and He's a great intertainer, but off course, he is in the intertainament business, and among other things, he's a master magician.

As a magic trick, and to test how good he was, I've asked him.

If you are really a good magician, I'll give you lots of money if you can make my not so small belly desappear .....

And kindly David told me:

I'm not Hudine nor jesus Christ.
Fair I tought.
Jesus transformed water in wine.
And Max wants me to transform lard into French cheese......
Ya right...

But Hudine, what does he have to do with it?
Then I realized...
The only way that he could make that happen was by trowing me down the ravine, and I'd go rolling until I'd Hit the water, and the sharks would eat me up until all of me was kaput...
Not a so good idea....
Then I've changed my mind.....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Instant Heartache

Heading off on a new adventure...thought I would share this with you.

Driving America

Friday, January 13, 2012

Vine and Vine

Vine and Vine!

(Author of Martha's Vine and Martha's Mirror)

Will 2012 be a magic year, too?

Doomsday? 12/12/12
With so many expecting the world to end on December 12, 2012, it's hard to join in their doom and gloom. Whether it ends or not (probably not -- we have been this way before), there is so much life to be lived between now and then.
What's on your horizon? A new home? A new baby? A new job? A new adventure?A new life?
Whatever it is, I wish you warm blessings in abundance. May you know great joy and tremendous success in 2012.
Me? I am headed to New York City with Martha's Vine and Martha's Mirror. Going to land an agent so I can finally write that 3rd book.
Pray for me...or just wish me luck!


Martha's Vine is selling around the world in print and eBook on Amazon and Borders.
Locally, it has sold well in Chapters bookstores.