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Martha's World
Alberta is the setting for Martha's Vine

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh where, oh where is my print edition?

Waiting and waiting, wishing and hoping...but still no book to hold in my hands. Seems the printer has had communication problems...we keep getting promised a book, and they keep losing it. Sigh... but all good things must come to those who wait. Right?

In the meantime, the Kindle and PC edition of Martha's Vine is riding up and down on New reviews have been added, and they are positive. Please visit if you have a moment and click, YES, when asked if the reviews have been helpful. It costs you nothing, but keeps the book higher in Amazon's rankings.

Next up: Sturgis, SD for the largest biker rally in the world, the 70th annual.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Now the promotion begins

It is one thing to write a novel...but it's quite another to promote it, especially a first novel.

Today, I visited Evansburg and the Pembina River Provincial Park -- two locations featured in the novel. I took a handful of beautifully designed Martha's Vine cards and walked the campground until I had placed every card into an eager hand.

My thanks to those who accepted the cards with enthusiasm...I am looking forward to your support.