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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chilling for a bit...letting the novel sit fallow

This is the time when I let the novel steep...allow it to rest... and rejuvenate my creative self. It's a must or I shall explode or vanish into a crazy patchwork quilt of indecision and self-doubt. It happens. Try writing a novel--you will see what I mean.

Martha's Vine has now had its 3rd successful book signing, the Coming Out party for the sequel was great fun, and a terrific interview with me was aired on CKUA Radio. Want to know what goes on inside my brain? Give the interview a listen.

By the way, if you have a copy of Martha's is now a collectible...because no more First Edition books are available. We made small edits and the 2nd edition is now selling well on In addition, Martha's Vine, the eBook, will be up on Kobo.

How do I chill? I sleep in. Nah, I don't sleep in...don't know how to sleep in. Instead, I get up 3, 4, my thing (working images, catching up on emails, playing on Flickr), and then catch a nap a few hours later. I watch movies (my guilty pleasure...and best escape), and I watch my favorite TV shows: American Idol...and soon, Dancing with the Stars.And I take photos.

Speaking of which, the mailman arrived with my prize money cheque today for the crystal butterfly...chosen 1 of 6 out of 7000 images across Canada. You will be seeing that image gracing boxes of Royale facial tissue come May.

I am teaching, too...I love teaching digital cameras...I really enjoy my students, especially the lippy ones, and I get at least one of those in every class. I enjoy helping people to understand the foreign beast in their hands; I want them to know the joy that a shutter and aperture can bring. But most of all, I want them to feel free to explore their creativity. Like I do.

Sending you all my warmest blessings for joy and success in your lives...

Letting the shadows fall where they may...

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  1. Great image, Sheree! Can't wait to see the tissue box.


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