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Monday, March 7, 2011

Some days are tougher than others

I loved writing Martha's Vine...and I loved writing the sequel, but I don't love trying to figure out how to edit the sequel. It takes so much discipline to wrap one's mind around a novel, embrace, tear it up, and lovingly lay down the mind tiles again.

I am so grateful for the support I have. Some of the best friends and editors ever. Rob, Susan and Bill, and David. Each one of them have provided tremendous insights into the new book...but with each insight comes WORK...and concentration. And some days, my brain thinks concentration sucks.

David thinks I have ADD, and so do I. Once I am bent to a task, I will stay with it till my eyes bleed. But getting down to the task--now that takes some doing. I would so much rather be watching a bird, or a sunset, or fiddling with my camera controls, or designing a new piece of jewellery, or letting my mind amble through memories...than actually working on my book.

But a deadline is a deadline...and come what may, I must have the 2nd draft completed before going to England for the royal wedding the end of April.

Thanks so much to Susan and Bill for their painstaking efforts in reading and pointing out things that need work in the sequel. You two are loved more than you know, I think. I must apply myself. Wait...what's that?

It's my birds tweeting outside...must go check on them. *grin*

Ah, I am such an Alice, a Pollyanna, an Anne...a Red Queen...dropping down rabbit holes, chasing rainbows, devising melodramas, and flying off the handle...and flitting about an insane, but quite sane, tapestry of wild notions.

Love to all my faithful and trusting readers!

PS Still haven't heard my interview on CKUA...listen HERE.  It ran February 27th.

Our sunset was so strange last did this wonderful vertical flare...

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  1. And you're cute, too. Grin.
    To anyone reading this, Sheree gave a great interview on CKUA. It's well worth a listen.


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