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Monday, March 21, 2011

Daily blog?

So, that's my definition of "daily" is it? Oh, was a good notion. It's only been 13 days since my last entry, so here goes.

What's up with me you ask? Or maybe you don't, but I will tell you anyway.
Busy teaching, and fretting over MV2. It's very hard to get back to the book once it's sat for a bit. Well, a long bit, too long a bit, actually. Not good. But I set a deadline and I am good at hitting deadlines, no matter how stressful. So, I will get back to the book. I must be finished my 2nd draft before the Easter weekend.

I am adjudicating the photography portion of the Yellowhead Rotary Arts Festival in Hinton and Edson over the Easter weekend. And then we fly to London for the royal wedding. I am not really into the bridal couple, but I am looking forward to the hoopla and fanfare, as only the Brits can do. Should be a real smörgåsbord of fans and paparazzi. And I shall be among them.

Miss Kate Middleton is certainly causing quite the stir among the fashion-conscious. Very reminiscent of the stir caused by Prince William's mother, Princess Diana when she married Prince Charles.

Not taking my heavy camera equipment though. I need my energy for walking around, for hours and hours.I will carry a couple of very credible P&S cameras. That will do the trick. A new Panasonic and my trusty concert-going Fuji with its 720 mm zoom.

In the meantime, wishing all of you a wonderful week.

PS Went to Hinton to meet with the festival coordinators...drove through some heavy fog that made for some great images.

Cutting through the Fog by Sheree Zielke

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