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Monday, January 3, 2011

And just when does a full moon occur in Alberta in September?

Still trying to meet my quota, but logistics has popped up its ugly head and I find myself plotting times, hours of the day, and whether or not things could actually be happening at the time I have them happening. Like what time of year is it? What time is the sunrise? That matters when it comes to fighting a battle. Tough to hit a moving target in the dark. And just when is the moon full in September in Alberta? Luckily that changes from year to year, but sunrise tends to be around the same time. So no fudging in that department.
Result: more facts, but I am behind on my quota. And I feel fatigue setting in. Must go on....

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  1. The stuff you've read to me is remarkable. Different than the first book, but I really think it goes much deeper.

    You're working on a new classic.


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