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Friday, January 14, 2011

Damn the torpedoes...and everything else!

An unfavorable review of Martha's Vine was posted to Amazon. I haven't read it; nor will I. Not that I don't want to read it...but I can't read it right now. I am very careful not to read anything that might affect my creative decisions when I am writing. To be clear, I read very little of anything when I am writing.

Why? I don't want to be inspired or manipulated or motivated into writing something in accordance with what someone else has written, says, or believes to be true about Martha's Vine. If I am to write, then I can't allow for naysayers or strong opinions to meld into my writings. I must stay true to my own voice, no matter what. If I look over my shoulder, if I second-guess myself, if I begin to do double-takes on my ideas, the creative process staggers and it becomes something else. Something not of the creator. That is what I guard against when I am writing.

I will write a 2nd book, and whether I win or lose, whether I finish way out in front, or I finish dead last...none of that matters. The only thing that matters is reaching the finish line, another published novel, with my voice intact.

To those who have read Martha's Vine

I owe so much to the people who have read Martha's Vine and who then provided me with their feedback, asked questions, and shared their beefs and bouquets. I had eager ears when I WASN'T writing. Many of their observations and comments were taken into consideration before I began penning the sequel. And I thank you all profusely.

But for now...and for at least the next 8 weeks...any critiques will just have to wait. I have a sequel to write, and I will write it...torpedoes and everything else be damned.

BTW, I finished Chapter 19 today.


I met with three gals today: Wonda, Asheena, and Ashley. They are avid readers of Martha's Vine, and they have become great friends and supporters. We are planning the "Coming Out" party for the 3rd week in February. We are also initiating a quiz on the Martha's Vine FB page with fun facts. When answered correctly, you will qualify for an invitation to the party. Fun, prizes, and best of all, I will read aloud the first THREE chapters of the sequel.

For those of you  who cannot attend the party, I may do a virtual party...a reading on YouTube...but only if I see there is support for that option. So let me know. Let your voice be heard. *grin*


Only -35 today...and a little more snow...not a dump...not yet. My backyard continues to mushroom upward with great heaps of snow.

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