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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Glad to be a writer

It's Sunday...a good day to stay in bed and listen to the wind blowing outside. Once again, I am so glad to be a writer. I get to work indoors. Meeting my quota today on Martha's Vine TWO. Hoping to take a bite out of tomorrow's quota, too.

Sending all of you my very best wishes for a wonderful week filled with all good things


A wee bit of summertime to encourage those of us still deep in winter.


  1. Yes the wind does encourage sleep. The sunflower is such a cheery flower.
    I wish you success in your writing today.

  2. Wonderful cheery photo and I am so glad you are making your quota and more Sheree! I wish that I could be there for the book signing but I will be there in spirit!

  3. Thank you, Grace and is so nice to see someone else here besides me. A little lonely out here in Martha's world.


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