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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Sigh of Relief

I am 15 chapters into Martha's Vine: Book TWO... that's over a third of the way finished. I am so glad to be where I am in the book because the hardships the characters are facing take their toll on me, too. Today, I breathe a literary sigh of relief. In their world... they just got together for a communal dinner in the Meeting House. The atmosphere is light and the conversation jovial... well, here... let me show you...


Children continued their raucous play, stopping only to present a teary-eyed, breath-hitching injustice to their parent for resolution.

 “Where’s the Discipline Committee when you need it?” the pony-tailed captain said with a wry grin. His tablemates laughed; they knew of his low tolerance for children—he had none, and didn’t want any. The captain coveted his supply of condoms, refusing relationships with women who were interested in procreating. “Ankle-biters…”

Meteor clapped him on the back. “Oh, c’mon…the right woman will come your way…and then you’ll want enough kids to make your own baseball team.” The captain gave him a sour look. “I mean look at this little guy—” Meteor reached across and took Gordon from Anna’s lap. “Want to hold him?” 

The captain flushed. “No. Thanks.” Everyone laughed again. 

Gordon wrapped his arms around Meteor’s neck and began to bounce in Meteor’s lap.“Ow— Not there little buddy,” Meteor said with an exaggerated squeak.

The pony-tailed captain roared. “See what I mean?” The rest of the table joined in his mirth while Meteor gingerly returned Gordon to his mother.

An elder drew Matthew’s attention. “Do we even have a Discipline Committee anymore?”

“Yeah—and what happened to the Morals and Ethics committee?” asked another elder.

Matthew looked up and shrugged. “Maybe it’s not necessary anymore. It was always more Brad and Vince’s baby anyway.”

“Any word about Brad?” asked the first elder.

Meteor fielded the question. “No. And any conversation about him is now over.” 


I am such a tease, aren't I? *grin*


So cold here... and after that huge dump of snow... we are expecting 3 more days of the white stuff. But at least we aren't suffering like those poor folks in Queensland, Australia...those flood waters are wicked.

 My backyard view... last night. The skies have been so pretty.

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  1. You didn't tell them about what happens AFTER the dinner....and oh YEAH! You totally didn't tell them about what's going on in the camp while the you-know-what is getting ready to unleash...well...y'know.


    Who's the tease?



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