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Monday, January 10, 2011

A big fat envelope came to my door today!

Oh, I got a surprise today. A big one. I am being such a good little writer, and I've pushed everything else aside, including my photography, in order to meet my daily word quotas on the Vine2. But a mailman got my attention.

You see, I entered an image (one of 10 entries actually) into the Royale tissue box competition. It's a photo of a crystal butterfly. Well, I knew I'd made the cut from among 15-thousand images. But today I got the announcement that the image had won the finalist round, and was now eligible for the GRAND prize.

The honor comes with a nice chunk of change. And I need it... we are running a little bit to the negative right now because of all our expenses with Martha's Vine: Book One. brain is always on the publicity potential.

If I can win the Grand Prize, it might mean some media coverage..and interest in me..and possibly a little novel I have penned.

Oh, please, send up a prayer for me. I am happy to win the contest, but if the contest leads to PUBLICITY for me and the that would be worth millions to me.

Snow has stopped here...but more is on the way. Day is grey, but I am writing. Stay tuned. I might post another little teaser tomorrow.


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