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Thursday, January 6, 2011

What do high fashion models really wear to an Apocalypse?

I find myself idly watching a fashion show... not really paying attention... just looking up now and then to see what's hot on the runway this year. Really? Are you serious? Who in their right mind will wear that junk? Fashion? Those ridiculous frills and fluffs and weird cuts aren't meant for humans...birds, maybe.

And then come the lingerie models. Where do these girls hide their inner organs? Does anyone really believe a gaunt rib cage, and nearly hollow, concave belly areas dressed up in satin and lace are attractive? Desirable?

A 3-million dollar fantasy bra? Sigh...

Oh gawd...the leg wrappings...the socks...and the shoes! Bride of Frankenstein wear at best.

And the hair... Her bangs are so long, she can't see a foot ahead of her.  And does anyone really want to apply their eye make-up with a pallet knife?

And everyone applauds wildly. Really? 

One of the designers says, "they have to up it," and that "this is a show." I think he is gay. Cause no breathing woman would find his designs fit for wearing. Unless she were paid mega money to do so... then it's easy to walk down a ramp looking like a gaudy parrot off its meds.

There's an old story called, The Emperor's New Clothes. I'm just saying.

What would a high fashion model wear to an Apocalypse?

Blue jeans--possibly clean ones; t-shirts-any size will do, but several one over top of the other so that when the outside shirt is soiled beyond wear, it can be discarded. And bigger is better for warmth and for tearing off strips for bandages; coats--again bigger is better to go over all the t-shirts; socks--wool, thick, men's socks; shoes--boots, hiking boots for all the walking that must be done when foraging for food or running from Crazies. High heels have no place at a catastrophe... in fact, they are the first things to go.

And the high fashion designers? What high fashion designers?

Martha's world is beginning to brighten up a bit. But just a bit. The characters are finding life very hard after The Man's attack; bodies to bury; tears to weep; and hearts to mend. They've just gotten a hint as to where the women and kids were taken.


Barefoot in cold Alberta snow...

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  1. I always think these fashion types are killing themselves laughing. I am not sure who actually buys that stuff. You never see it anywhere else.

    The Apocolypse Girl sounds way hotter to me. And she could probably walk barefoot in the snow...if she wanted to...which she probably doesn`t.


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