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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Humor is good

I must share a secret with you. Sometimes, when I am writing, I plant little jokes into my narrative to amuse myself. Writing can get physically exhausting, but a shot of humor picks me up and gives me a little edge to go another 500 words or so.

In fact, many times in Martha's Vine, the humor that comes out of the mouths of the characters is because I've asked them to say something funny. Humor is so energizing.

I don't particularly like spending time with Brad or The Man...but if somebody in their presence can crack a joke...I am good. That's what happened today.

Wishing you a a touch of impromptu humor to brighten and enliven your day.


It's a wonder my poor neighbor can find his house. Maybe he won't be able to in a day or so -- more snow coming.

The book signing in West Edmonton Mall is coming...please tell your friends.

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